Stefano Maraspin

Quick portrait

Steve Maraspin Portrait Hi there, I'm Stefano (most people know me as Steve, though) and I'm an Italian, 40 years old software engineer. My main interest is user centered software development and I'm co-founder and managing partner of MV Associati. We're focused on e-commerce and enterprise web application development. I'm keen on the PHP language and I'm one of the founders of the Friuli PHP User Group as well as a PHP5 Zend Certified Engineer. For all work related stuff, feel free to take a glance at our website.

On this website I've collected stuff from college years, as well as other things, mainly pertaining to my family and hobbies. Such include photography and traveling. Together with my wife Desy, we love to explore the world, experience new cultures and meet new people. All great opportunities for new insights and personal develpment.

Feel free to look around and take a glance at my blog or picture gallery. If you're really curious, you can also read my full biography, or check out my professional profile page at my company website or linkedin.

Random Facts

Things you might not know about...

  • So far I've visited 36 countries; looking forward to see this number grow
  • I wrote my first shopping cart software in 1997
  • My favourite pet is the pond slider (Trachemys scripta)
  • My lucky number is 14
  • I swam with a manta ray in Australia
  • I have been the president of Rotary-sponsored Interact and Rotaract clubs
  • My first computer has been an Amiga 500, in 1986
  • While in India, I've had a chance to met Ramalinga Raju. That was before the scandal.
  • I'm keen on basketball and baseball
  • One night, challenged by a restaurant owner in Rome, I've eaten 1 entree, 2 pizzas and 10 desserts

Behind this site

History, technologies...

This is a personal website. It's been made mainly for family or friends who want to catch up, where strict web 2.0 isn't enough. It hasn't been throughly planned, revised or anything like that. So that I'm sure there'll be usability errors, poor graphics and most likely many other mistakes. I wasn't looking for perfection or a piece of portfolio. This website shall be considered as private stuff only, having little, if anything to do with my job. ;-)

I had started to develop this website in 2007, while I was still working for Sata H.T.S. My position at the time didn't land me enough chances to practice hands on with PHP as I would have liked, so I started to work on this website, integrating Zend Framework, Wordpress and some other stuff. Unfortunately time was never enough, so that I had to wait until I resigned - and eventually launched my own company - to finally find the time to finish and publish this. Ironic, isn't it? Anyways, for the courious, here there's a partial list of technologies upon which this website this webside is based.

CentOS Mysql Zend Ajax JQuery