My Wife, My Life

Everyday is a precious gift

Desy and Stefano Maraspin Since Apr, 25, 2011 I'm married to my wonderful wife Desy, who's so nice to put up with me, even if I'm constantly hooked up by my job and my interests.

We live in Codroipo, a small town in the north-eastern part of Italy. You can spot our home here. It's a liveable place, with a great community, lot to offer in terms of services and a low crime rate. Both the sea and the mountains are within an hour drive. Unless some remarkable job offer comes in, it's highly unlikely that we'll decide to move. Especially to relocate somewhere else in Italy.

I consider myself lucky for being able to do everyday what I love the most. I keep myself busy designing and developing web applications and distributed software architectures, getting my hands "dirty" on the LAPP/LAMP stacks. From a technical point of view, I'm a PHP and CentOs Linux kind of guy. I'm one of the founders of the Friuli PHP User Group as well as a PHP5 Zend Certified Engineer. During the last few years, I've started to get interested in cognitive psychology (I'm currently following some courses at MIT with opencourseware) and being always more involved in User Experience design. I try to apply everything I learn to our User Centered software design process.

Ok, enough about work here. If you'd like to know more about my job, you can take a glance to my linkedin profile page or at MV Associati website.

Spare Time, Habits, Beliefs

What I do when I'm not behind a keyboard

Australia - 2011 In my spare time I enjoy travelling, taking lots of pictures, experiencing different cultures and learning foreign languages. I am fluent in Italian and English and can easily make myself understood in Spanish and German. In my spare time I'm working to learn more than the few words I know in French, Croatian, Arabian and Mandarin Chinese. Unfortunately, time is always a strict dictator.

Trying not to get too much out of shape, I play some amateur basketball and softball. On the other hand, I enjoy learning and acquiring new skills. Hence I read a lot, especially scientific, technical or business-oriented books. That happens mainly at night, when the quiet helps me keeping myself focused.

I've always enjoyed the night the most, since it both boosts my productivity and increases my ability to assimilate content. Biorythm, I think.

I've always also been very jealous of my time. To the point that surely I wouldn't do things I don't like just to get more money. In a way or the other, I think that you can earn money through work; but you just can't recover for the time you lose. So, I don't see time as money. But much more than it. I always strive hard to put myself in the position of always being able to do what I want, even if that reqires some effort upfront.


My life in the 90s

At Work - 2002 I've always been fascinated by both computers and information architecture. I got my first computer (a Commodore Amiga 500) in 1985, and 10 years later I was one of the first Italian Internet dialup subscribers.

At the time, I developed a passion for web development and later, while in high school, I've created a website about famous Villa Manin, which got some recognition in the local press, even after a couple of years since release. At about the same time, as a typical high school underachiver, I started to become interested in the PHP language (PHP/FI by then), which I soon added to the list of computer languages I was learning and praticing (Java, Visual Basic, Delphi). I admit, I miss a lot all of the spare time I had in those years. Enough to also allow me to understand how the Ea Sports NBA Live game database and texturing model worked, so to patch the game and make it reflect the italian basketball league, LegaBasket. Such work went into what was called the Italian League Project.

After high school, I've began an internship at a local ISP and software house called Qnet, which eventually landed me my first job as a software developer. I was enjoying it so much that, at the end, supported by colleagues and management, I decided to enroll (and eventually get a BSc and a MSC) from the University of Udine. From there, the rest of the story is on linkedin.


How it All Started

Childhood - 1981 One huge thank you goes to my parents, Giorgio and Luana, who gave me birth in 1979. I was born on 21st June and I've spent the first 8 year of my life in Trieste, Italy. Although I wouldn't certainly live (it's such a busy city, with little parking and lot of smog), I still regard it as one of the hidden gems of Italy. When I was 8 my family moved to the nearby province of Udine; more precisely we landed in Codroipo (around 14.000 citizens), where I've been living ever since. I've got pretty much all of my education here, through "Scuola Elementare di Via Friuli", "Scuola Media G. Bianchi" and then the "Liceo Scientifico Marinelli". This is also where I've met my best friends and wife. I gotta admit, I've fallen in love this place!

That's pretty much it about me. Feel free to get in touch.