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Asus RT-N18U with Huawei 4G USB Dongle E3372 Issues

Some websites not loading, others very slow


For the impatient: if you experience weird connection problems, try enabling Jumbo Frames on your router, and setting both their size and 4G connection MTU to 1428 bytes. Also, try to lower the MTU on your PC interfaces to a number lower than that. This fixed issues in my case. And now a bit more about this.

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Asus Router Samba share issues with Linux – Fixed!

How I got my Linux Mint access samba shares on my ASUS RT-N18U with ASUSWRT

ASUSWRT Samba Sharing

I’ve recently tried setting up Samba sharing on my Asus RT-N18U Wireless Router with latest available official ASUSWRT software ( In order to achieve this, I followed what seemed a logical menu path:

USB Application -> Media Services -> “Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk”

No big deal so far, and then no issues either in creating and assigning permissions to users:

Unfortunately, what seemed (and should have been) a simple operation didn’t bring expected results.

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Onboard Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas

Review and pictures of our september 2012 cruise in Greece

Grandeur of the Seas Main Hall

After having evaluated a few options, Desy and I decided to book a cruise holiday in Greece. In retrospect, we’re glad of our pick: our late September getaway turned out to be much better than expected. And that’s been not only because of the great weather we had and the cool places we visited, but also because (once on board) Royal Caribbean often exceeded our expectations. We found a good itinerary through and managed to get a decent deal (800€ pp all included, for 10 nights in a large ocean-view stateroom) through Below you can find a review of our experience. At the gallery you can also find some pictures of the ship, and the holiday alltogether. Enojy!

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State of the Net 2012

through the eyes of a software engineer

State of The Net Organizing Committee

State of the Net 2012  recently took place in Trieste. That’s so close to my home that I would have felt really ashamed If I didn’t attend. Actually, I could only show up at the Saturday half of the event, but that’s still been a great chance to keep up with updates and insights about current state of the net, social media, tourism, privacy and more.

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A (foggy) late october day in Bologna

Recap of our one day trip to Emilia Romagna capital city

Piazza Maggiore from Torre degli Asinelli

Desy is home from work today, so that I decided to take the day off myself, and finally get to see some of “Bella Italia” which – for some reason – I’ve been neglecting so far. We had not much time for planning our trip during the past week, and I’ll have to work tomorrow, so that we’ve decided to pick a destination which is easy (and quick) to reach, and small enough, so that it can be seen in a day. Of course, we don’t mean seeing it entirely, but get a glimpse at a fairly good part of its center, passing by all of its main attractions.

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