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A (foggy) late october day in Bologna

Recap of our one day trip to Emilia Romagna capital city

Desy is home from work today, so that I decided to take the day off myself, and finally get to see some of “Bella Italia” which – for some reason – I’ve been neglecting so far. We had not much time for planning our trip during the past week, and I’ll have to work tomorrow, so that we’ve decided to pick a destination which is easy (and quick) to reach, and small enough, so that it can be seen in a day. Of course, we don’t mean seeing it entirely, but get a glimpse at a fairly good part of its center, passing by all of its main attractions.

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The Tunnel of shame

The story of an embarassing press release. And its dumb follow up.

There are times when someone makes me ashamed of my nationality. That’s sometimes the case for noisy tourists abroad. Unfortunately, the matter is much more serious this time. Please do not misunderstand me, though; and I’ll make it clear: I love Italy. And also my point is not about politics. I’m actually too disappointed by most politicians, to support either side (I’m afraid, the coin is pretty much the same).

Yet, I’d like to to express my opinion on something which – I think – seriously hurts our country’s reputation and (further) damages our credibility around the world.

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Daily trip to Beautiful Slovenia’s Waterfalls

Surprised by beautiful Slap Kozjak and Slap Virje

Last night I was contemplating pictures from our travels, and noticed that waterfalls are something we tend to favor when making a decision on a new place to visit. For some reason, we’ve never bothered to look for waterfalls around the place where we live. So, I went to google and started to look for waterfalls in Friuli Venezia Giulia; and then Carinthia and Styria (the two south-eastern Austrian states, closest to Italy). None of these really caught my attention, so that I went further and started to also consider nearby Slovenia.

Immediately, I was surprised to notice so many waterfalls. Near and far from the Italian border.

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Bright Blue Sky on Nightly Pictures

How to get great colors shooting after dark

If you wish to take shots at night, with vibrant colors and striking results, you can take your pictures just before sunrise or after sunset, when the sky is neither completely lit, nor black already. That’s the moment when the sky “matches”, in its luminance with that of artificial lighting, creating a smooth blending of colors and hence enhancing their contrast.

In this post I’ll give you some advice on how to be prepared and how to exploit such technique.

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