Here you can find some of my presentations and articles, which are not strictly work-related. There's also some stuff from the past (mainly college years), most of which hasn't been translated from its original language, Italian. Please take a look here for more updated stuff.

Given Presentations

PLEASE NOTE: From 2011 all my presentations are published on slideshare. I’ll soon also start to use Github to keep my source code.

Primi Passi con Zend Framework – 22/10/2011 – Linux Day 2011 – Pordenone, Italy
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Gestione dei log e normativa Italiana: come dormire tranquilli con soluzioni Open Source – 23/10/2010 – Linux Day 2010 – Udine, Italy

Slides are also available for download, here.

Striving Towards Better PHP Code – 15/05/2010 – PHPDAY 2011 – Corropoli, Te

From my slideshare account.

College Related Material

PLEASE NOTE: I’m grateful to my college, the University of Udine for the education it has provided me. Many courses have been among the most interesting things I’ve done in my life, and I’ve learned a lot from that. Yet, there’s one thing where I really think that things could’ve been much better. I am talking about the quality of code, something to which very little attention has always been given (almost in all courses). Hence, most of the stuff you’ll find down here (especially older stuff) won’t contain good quality code. Actually, if you’re a college student, I take this chance to encourage you to read one or more of the following books, even before you get out of college: Code Complete, The Pragmatic Programmer, Clan Code. This can make you much more effective in finding a good job after you graduate.

MSc Thesis: “Algoritmi per la Pianificazione di Itinerari su Web” – MSc University of Udine, Italy – 2008
My complete MSc Thesis, dealing with algorithms for itinerary planning. Suggested solution exploits dynamic programming and convex combination. Certain TSP related issues are also considered, in particular for a multi-flight fare determination, which is an NP-Hard Problem.
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BSc Thesis Excerpt: “Introduzione al Data Warehousing” - BSc University of Udine, Italy – 2004
Introductive chapter to my BSc thesis. Focused around Data Warehousing issues.
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“Presentation” Strumenti Java per lo Sviluppo di Applicazioni Web – Object Oriented Analysis and Design Course (PAOO) – University of Udine, Italy – Academic Year 2005/06
Simple presentation about web development with Java related tools.
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Presentation: “Compiere: Open Source ERP + CRM” – E-Commerce Course – University of Udine, Italy – 04/11/2005
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Presentation: “Privacy Issues in Web Content Personalization”
Web Content Personalization Course – University of Udine, Italy – 16/06/2005
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Assignment: “Simulazione di Profondità di Campo in OpenGL” – Interactive 3D Graphics Course – University of Udine, Italy – 16/06/2005
Comparison of different techiquest for Depth of Field real-time simulation. Project coded in C and OpenGl (plus GLSL Shading). Techniques based upon accumulation buffer and post-processing – Final Grade: 30/30
Assignment Paper PDF
Zipped Source Code

Assignment: “Materiale per il Corso di Ingegneria del Software II” - Software Engineering Course – University of Udine, Italy – Academic Year 2005/2006
Software engineering course material – Final Grade: 30/30 Cum Laude
Archived Documents

Assignment: “Relazione di Teoria e Tecniche di Elaborazione dell’Immagine” – Image Processing Algorithms Course – Academic Year 2005/2006
Exercises and assignment paper on signal sampling and image filtering (includes matlab source code) – Final Grade: 30/30
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BSc Thesis Defense Presentation: “Tecniche di Data Warehousing per i Sistemi di Controllo dell’Acceleratore Elettra
Presentation of my BSc thesis work – 06/05/2004
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Assignment: “Complementi di Basi di Dati” – Database Design Course – Academic Year 2002/2003
Relational database design for an e-commerce store
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Assignment: Calcolo Scientifico - Scientific Calculus Course – Academic Year 2001/2002
Matlab source code for Padé Approximation.
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Assignment: Programmazione – Programming Course – Academic Year 2000/2001
Simple programs in Scheme and Java.
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Older Presentations

An Introduction to CSCW (Computer Supported Collaborative Work) – “IT: Education, Research, Industry” – Birla Science Center, Hyderabad, India – 01/09/2004
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Elettra Data ANalysis Tool – A data Warehouse for Heterogeneous Logs Analysis – “CoToGAN 2003 – 3rd International Workshop on COmmunication TOols for a Global Accelerator Network” – Trieste, Italy – 30/10/2003
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